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Hydrafacials & facials clean, fresh healthy skin is always beautiful.

Laser therapy that does just about everything! From smoothing wrinkles, to plumping lips, lifting droopy eyes, helping clear-up acne and problem skin, lifting sagging necks and jowls and so much more! Advanced and natural treatment.


Fillers  At Allume Med Spa we have both Bio-fillers, a natural filler created from your own body and also offer the full Restylane line.

Botox  magic in an injectable! By relaxing the muscles that cause wrinkles you can not only smooth existing lines and wrinkles, you can effect future aging wrinkles from occuring.

Microneedling science based advanced skin and hair care 

Vampire facial combines microneedling with natural PRF infusion for radiant youthful skin.

Wellness IV and IM support for your entire body. Optimal health is here.

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