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Body Sculpting in Petaluma, CA

What is Body Sculpting?

look and feel your fittest

Body sculpting is an umbrella term that encompasses multiple non-surgical procedures that reshape targeted parts of the body. With the latest technologies available, we can now sculpt the body in ways we never could before.

Destroy fat deposits and enhance your body contours without surgery at Allume Med Spa. Body sculpting is not a weight loss technique. Instead, it aims to reshape specific body areas in an aesthetically pleasing way. We offer the most advanced body sculpting techniques, including the revolutionary Fotona 4D Dynamis Laser to help you look and feel your fittest. You are invited to schedule a consultation today to learn about the often amazing benefits of body sculpting in Petaluma, CA, at Allume Med Spa.

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What are the Benefits of Body Sculpting?

tighten and smooth your skin

With body sculpting Petaluma and Santa Rosa residents can feel and look fitter by changing their body’s shape. Not only will body sculpting get rid of unsightly fat, but it can also tighten and smooth your skin. These non-surgical procedures can target most areas of your body, including:

  • Belly and flanks (love handles)
  • Buttocks
  • Back
  • Thighs
  • Neck and chin
  • Arms
  • Chin

How Does Body Sculpting Work?

We offer state-of-the-art solutions to excess fat pockets, so you can achieve your goals with little to no discomfort or downtime. Tone muscles with electrical stimulation, or experience the unmatched precision of laser fat reduction. The Fotona 4D Dynamis Laser used at Allume Med Spa is considered the “gold standard” of laser body sculpting technology.

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Preparing for Body Sculpting

design your optimal treatment plan

First, the single most important decision you will make in pursuing body sculpting is picking the right medical provider. In Petaluma body sculpting at Allume Med Spa is run by experts in their fields who perform these delicate techniques with expertise.

You can trust their experience. During your consultation, you’ll get together with our body sculpting experts to discuss your goals. Together, you will design your optimal treatment plan to deliver the youthfully contoured look you want, based on your medical history, anatomy, goals, and preferences.

Your Body Sculpting Procedure

achieve the results you want

Most body sculpting procedures are performed in an office or clinic.
One session of body sculpting generally takes about 30 to 60 minutes.

You will be comfortably positioned on a chair or table. Treatment areas will be marked with a pen or marker. For the other forms of non-surgical body sculpting, your doctor will use a tool—likely a paddle or a wand to breaking down fat deposits. Most people need multiple treatment sessions over several months to achieve the results they want. After the procedure you will be put on a vibration plate to finish your treatment. Be sure to arrive for treatment fully hydrated.

Risks and Side Effects

Non-surgical body sculpting is considered a very safe treatment. But all procedures carry some risks and side effects. Some patients experience mild pain or soreness, hives or a rash, red skin, and swelling.

What Comes Next?

You can go home shortly after your Petaluma body sculpting treatment session at Allume is complete. Most people go back to work or other activities the following day. Stay out of the sun for a while as your skin my be sensitive for a while after the treatment.


Following your body sculpting procedure, you will watch excess fat fade away to reveal a slim and sculpted you. As your body metabolizes treated fat cells, you will watch your results develop gradually to produce natural-looking contours.

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Sculpt Your Future with Body Sculpting at Allume

Allume Med Spa

Body sculpting can eliminate fat and reshape selected areas of your body when diet and exercise are not enough. At Allume Med Spa in Petaluma body sculpting is one of our most popular featured procedures available. The team at Allume is ready and eager to help you look and feel great with some of the best body sculpting Petaluma (and Santa Rosa) residents have available!

Create Your Ideal Petaluma Med Spa Experience

Nobody knows your body like you do. Tell us what you need and we will help you find the best way to help you reach that goal. We love what we do, and we cannot wait to help you shine throughout your beauty journey.

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