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Botox & Glam Parties Allume Med Spa

Make it a Party! Reserve a party of 4 or more for services and enjoy a Champagne Toast and make use of our Relaxation Sanctuary. Special pricing on Botox, Facials and Hydrafacials, Microneedling, lasers and more… As host, you will receive a gift! Why not?

Why Not

enhance our appearance?

Life is to be enjoyed! Any reason to celebrate is a good one. We’re in! Botox parties? Can you think of a single reason why that’s a bad idea? We couldn’t either. At Allume Med Spa in Petaluma, CA, we love what we do. And we love who we do it for. You! Healthy skin is beautiful skin. And Botox is a mighty arrow in our beauty quiver, right? Botox, properly administered by dedicated medical professionals using safe and FDA-approved products, can enhance our appearance by softening or even removing wrinkles and fine lines.

It also acts as a preventative measure, stopping the muscles that create wrinkles in the first place. Botox can put our unintentional frowns to sleep. That’s a nice nap for everybody. But Botox injected by amateurs using questionable products is not fun. It can be dangerous, or worse. So let’s celebrate the right way. Botox parties offer the perfect opportunity to prepare for some of life’s biggest moments with those closest to you. Brides can bond with their bridesmaids before their big day. Family members can get together before a quinceañera, sweet 16, or other major family event.

Get with decades-long friends before your reunion, or prepare for graduation with those who have been with you every step of the way. We’re down for Botox Parties. Check our website and follow our social media for advisories. It also occurs to us that combining a Botox party with a bridal throwdown is not a bad idea. We’ll host them at our place, in a safe, informed, and knowledgeable setting. Oh, and if YOU want to tell US when hosting a Botox party at Allume Med Spa is a good idea, we’re listening! In Botox we trust. But only handled the right way. Kick off your high-heeled sneakers, it’s party time. The girls (and boys) know when to say when.

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Nobody knows your body like you do. Tell us what you need and we will help you find the best way to help you reach that goal. We love what we do, and we cannot wait to help you shine throughout your beauty journey.

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