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Wrinkle Treatments in Petaluma, CA

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What Can Be Done?


  • Dynamic wrinkles develop from repeated facial movements. For example, when you pucker your lips from drinking out of straw or smoke, over time you develop lip lines. Squinting produces crow’s feet.
  • Static wrinkles result from a loss of facial muscle elasticity and the takeover of gravity as we age.
  • Facial folds occur over time from gravity and from the natural loss of facial bone and musculature as we age. Many people do not know that we also lose the layer of fat padding in our faces at the same time. This causes the folds that occur from our nose to our outer lips, called Nasolabial folds and the creases that form from the corners of the lips and go towards the chin referred to as Marionette folds as well as sunken cheeks.

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Wrinkle Prevention


Botox, for prevention? Yes, remember we were talking about the difference between dynamic and static wrinkles? Static wrinkles are from repeated use of facial expressions and muscles. Botox acts by stopping the muscles from moving, keeping the skin from creating the grooves that come from overuse. Many patients in their early 20's start their botox treatments for just this reason.


It's obvious by now that, of course, we need to wear sunscreen everyday. We have an excellent line of sunscreen products by Color Science that has a wide selection of types and styles of sunscreen products so you can find the perfect fit for you, one you will look forward to using.

Facial Wrinkle Corrections

Laser Therapy

As we age we lose collagen and facial muscle tone. Think of Laser therapy as rebuilding the structure of the face, like studs or foundation in a house. Lasers tighten and revive the substructure as well as encourages collagen production for weeks after the treatment, leaving a firmer uplifted face and plump, fresh skin.

Vampire Facial or Microneedling with PRF

While laser therapy works on the foundations of our skin, microneedling with HA or PRF, the Vampire Facial, restores the skin. As we age, our collagen decreases and especially takes a more radical dip around age 40 and continues to decline. Microneedling creates millions of tiny channels to allow your own collagen from PRF to develop and repair the damage that diminishing collagen has occurred. Using the house analogy, microneedling would be the sheetrock, adding and increasing the underlying structure of the skin.

Dermal or Bio-Fillers

By far the most successful means of setting back the clock is using fillers for your wrinkles and facial folds. We can fill fine lines around the mouth and eye areas as well as plump up the folds and drooping that comes from gravity and loss of facial muscle and fat padding. Fillers are our tools to achieve these effects.


Botox, again, for correction. By securing the strong muscles that created the lines, the face relaxes and many wrinkles will minimize or disappear.


Hydrafacials work on the skin by removing debris and infusing the skin with nutrients to plump the skin and produce a glowy texture that improves skin quality overall.

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