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Eyebrow Treatments in Petaluma, CA

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reviving the entire eye area

As we age, our skin and muscle structure becomes lax and our eyebrows can begin to sag causing one to look tired, droopy and obscuring the eyelids. There is no need to wait — by opening your eyes and reviving the entire eye area with our personalized eyebrow treatments Petaluma's Allume Med Spa patients can improve their appearance in one session!

What Can Be Done?

Allume Med Spa

Keeping your skin in great condition and supporting the underlying musculature is the first line of defense against drooping eyes.

HydraFacials with Eye Perk Booster

A great way firm up the eye area and keep your skin in top condition. You even receive a 30 day treatment to use at home.

Brow Lift - Laser Therapy

Targets the brow and upper eye area by stimulating the muscles underneath the skin to firm the muscles that support the brow area. Brow Lift and SmoothEye can be combined for a super effective treatment


An injectable that softens the muscles that along with gravity are pulling the brow area down. Botox can be used in conjunction with other eyebrow treatments Petaluma patients may wish to utilize as well.

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