Beautiful lips - fillers, thinning lips and lip lines

Everyone loves luscious beautiful lips. Did you know lips are at their fullest in our 20's, which is why we associate full lips with youth?

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Beautiful lips, natural looking lips with lip filler, Restylane and other dermal fillers for lips

The composition of our lips and surrounding structures alters as part of the natural aging process. 

Starting between the ages of 30-40, factors such as sun damage, gravity, genetics and smoking can lead to a thinning or drooping appearance. Most people find that thinning or dry lips, lipstick bleed lines and a flattened cupid’s bow will also age your look. As we continue to age, small vertical lines, called 'smokers lines', can appear, aging us even more. We have a solution! 

Give your lips a youthful refresh with our outstanding lip filler treatments and Lip Lase

Lip fillers

If you feel self-conscious about the size of your lips, or if you feel like you need to target signs of aging, from lipstick lines and wrinkles to a flat cupid’s bow, then our dermal filler injections can create exceptional results.

Our highly-trained clinicians are experts at delivering subtle lip augmentation treatments that generate completely natural, elegant and beautiful results. We only use safe premium-grade lip fillers from renowned brands like Juvederm and Restylane to fill wrinkles, restore volume and deeply hydrate your lips. Restylane even has it's own special lip filler, aptly named 'Kyss".

Benefits of Lip Fillers

When having a lip filler treatment, patients can instantly contour and volumize lips without any downtime or surgery. Treatments take less than 30 minutes to complete, and visible results are instant. *

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Our top 5 lip filler benefits are detailed below:

Enhance the shape and structure of multiple lip areas including smoker’s lines, lipstick lines, upper lips, lower lips, the cupid’s bow and marionette lines (lines at the corner of your lips)

  • Restore volume to lines and hollowed-out areas

  • Boost collagen and elastin production in your lips over time

  • Contour and reshape your lips

  • Achieve instant visible results immediately after treatment, with no downtime needed.

* Please note that some skin types may have some swelling which can last a day or two.

Lip fillers at Allume Med Spa

Tricia Sanders, NP, our treatment specialist is known for delicate approach to filler treatments so that you achieve visible results that look totally natural. She will listen to you and work with you for the lips you desire.

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